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SEO and Marketing Tools I’m Using in 2017

So I have a few tools on this list, a list I'm making really for my own use so I can keep track of what I have, what I'm using and what I should be using. Over the past 10 years I have collected a plethora of web marketing, seo and publishing … [Read more]

Multiple jQuery Accordions on One Page

Having trouble getting your jQuery accordions to display two or more accordions on the same page? ┬áIf you're trying to setup up two or more accordions on one page, you may notice the first accordion renders correctly, while the second just displays … [Read more]

Microsoft Office 2010 Activation – Using Command Prompt

Recently I was trying to install a legal, enterprise level, copy of microsoft office 2010 pro plus. Imagine my complete and utter disappointment when, after entering the activation key and having everything, apparently, go through fine, the … [Read more]

Military Strategy Infographic

I saw this on StumbleUpon and thought it was really cool! Source: … [Read more]

Command Line Basics

Command Line Is An Essential Building Block For Learning To Code To me there are two good ways to learn how to code. 1) Start A Project that Requires Coding and Learn as You Go. 2) Text book style learning. Learn everything the old … [Read more]

HabitRPG Hack Your Productivity With This Awesome Tool!

Plus It's In RPG Gaming Format AND It's Free! So what's HabitRPG and what makes it so much different from the seemingly never ending slew of productivity apps? Nothing! Just kidding! What makes habitRPG so phonemenal, especially for a fairly … [Read more]